Khulture Club

Our mission is to eradicate misconceptions about different countries, by promoting acceptance and understanding so growth, commitment and connections between students can occur, this will help them become non- judgemental about others, turning them into informed citizens.

Our vision is to help students embrace and accept the cultural differences by helping them understand that we live in a changing world. We offer different activities that will enable students to learn about other cultures and share knowledge about their own. At the same time, students’ knowledge will grow and they will be able to find similarities and differences among different cultures, creating connections with others and most importantly respecting them. 

 Khulture Club is important because we are living in a multicultural country, even our school is multicultural. What this means is that every day we find ourselves surrounded by different people and their traditions. We are experiencing situations and meeting people that are doing things differently from the way we normally do them at home. We believe that learning about different cultures is a terrific way of acquiring understanding and hopefully, accepting cultural diversity. One of the biggest problems I have found is that most students carry stereotypes due to the lack of information, in Khulture Club we want students to learn how to eliminate these misconceptions and help them remember that no matter what our cultural background is, we will all have different ways of doing things, different opinions and ways of living. We want students to understand this so they can accept that everyone is different. This will make it easier to embrace our cultural differences.  To add on, we encourage students to explore other countries and be willing to acquire new information.

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About Me

I'm Giulianna Osorio Paredes I'm currently a seventh-grader at EIS in Honduras. I came up with this club to inform people and teach them about other cultures. Plus, to clear up some misconceptions and more. I have always loved travel and exploring new countries so I love the idea of this club. Thanks to some wonderful teachers and friends who have supported me throughout I'm happy to say that I created this club. 


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